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Medical College

      Medical faculty of the Osh state university was established in 2002 of May the 31st. It was approved by the permission of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic and the rectors order in 2002 in July the 1st. February 12, 2014, by the decision of the term of the license for carrying out the process of education (№352 reg.№I- 467). The Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, secondary, vocational training institutions, renamed in August the 7 in 2008, on the basis of the order № 487/1 Osh State University on October 31, 2008, No. 913 Mu under the command of the medical school, medical changed to college.       Medical college in 2002 for the first time was created three specialties and has accepted 92 students, are currently approximately 4,500 students.

     The staff of the Medical College faculty is 216. 1 doctor of science, 13 candidates of science, 3 professors, 16 senior teachers and 126 teacher docent 1.
-102 reading classrooms, 15 laboratories, clinical casing 10 auditoriums, 26 laboratories, a 80-seat dining room at the college.

      The celebration of the 60th anniversary of Osh among the faculties of "Masters stretch tone" was recognized as the winner of the contest.
      In the medical College of OshSU on the basis of 11-class training is carried out in the following specialities: 060101 «General Medicine» qualification «Paramedic»; 060102 «Midwifery» qualification «midwife»; 060105 «Stomatology» qualification « Dentist »; 060106 «Orthopedic dentistry» qualification «Dental technician»; 060108 «Pharmacy» qualification «pharmacist»; 060109 "Nursing" qualification "A nurse", 060110 «Laboratory diagnostics» qualification «medical laboratory technician» .

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General medical disciplines


Omurzakov Suiunduk Satulganovich

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0770 516 800

Society disciplines


Shookumova D. P.


PCC of dental and surgical disciplines


Emilov Kylychbek


Natural and exact sciences

Satiev Mirlanbek

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Akmatov Dilbar


Therapeutic disciplines

Zhalalova Gulbarchyn


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Torobaeva Dana


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Kalanov Orunbek


Obstetric and pediatric disciplines


Ashirbekova Merim

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