Kyrgyz-Chinese Faculty

Kyrgyz-Chinese Faculty


The Confucius Institute at Osh State University was established by an agreement between the General Directorate of Confucius Institutes in Beijing (State Administration for the Promotion of Chinese Language and Culture) and Osh State University (January 23, 2013) to strengthen friendly and educational relations between the Kyrgyz Republic and China.

In order to regulate the activities of the institute, a special agreement was signed between Osh State University and Xinjiang Pedagogical University on the opening of the Confucius Institute (February 1, 2013).

Based on the above agreements, the Academic Council of Osh State University decided to establish the Confucius Institute at Osh State University and approved its Charter. (No. 5 meeting of the Academic Council of Osh State University, February 20, 2013).

In 2016, the Confucius Institute was reorganized into the Kyrgyz-Chinese Faculty on the basis of paragraphs 1.15 and 2.3 of the Charter of Osh State University in order to fully organize the educational process, improve quality, and in connection with an increase in the number of students.

   The mission of the Kyrgyz-Chinese Faculty of Osh State University is the systematic training of competitive and demanded high-class professionals for the Kyrgyz Republic and other countries in the field of Sinology, Chinese language, and linguistics, taking into account the trends and requirements of modern society and through innovative teaching in research activities.

     Continuously developing multilateral cooperation with the PRC and ensuring academic mobility and freedom, we are building cadres with a new worldview, social responsibility, and high ethical and moral qualities, fluent in foreign languages, able to think independently and make decisions in a dynamically changing world, preserving national interests, values ​​and culture.

     The goal of the faculty is to improve the knowledge of the Chinese language, culture, economics, and politics through the training of competent personnel who meet the requirements of changes and competition in modern education, have a high level of education and study abroad, and are constantly engaged in research, training the best specialists who have contributed to the development of our country.

      The objectives of the faculty are to ensure high-quality education through a flexible approach in the modern education system, close cooperation with internal and external stakeholders, analysis and monitoring of its results, optimization of programs through self-assessment and fair management;

- greater attention to the research work of students and teachers, active participation in social and industrial activities, a new direction in relations between the two countries;

- Based on agreements on comprehensive cooperation and friendship signed between the Kyrgyz-Chinese faculty of Osh State University and Chinese universities, the institute will open additional educational services, academic mobility and educational programs that can compete in modern society.







Form of study

Training period




Translation and translation studies






4 years




2 years


Chinese Studу


bachelor degree



4 years




2 years




bachelor degree



4 years



Name of the department

Head of the department

Phone number

E-mail address

Chinese language and Chinese studies

Abdykulov Marat Оmurbekovich

0557 245 030




Faculty leadership


Full name

Phone number

E-mail address


Aitikeev Toktosun Keneshbekovich

0558 887788

0707 887788

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Uson uulu Mamatair

0552 767 631

Deputy Dean for educational work

Karimov Kyiaz Zhalolidinovich

0558 199 584

0505 199 584

Deputy Dean for Science

Abdykulov Marat Omurbekovich

0557 245 030

Deputy Dean for International Relations

Maatkerimova Aidai Mamatzhanovna

0555 190 581

Chairman of the Educational and Methodological Council

Abdykaarova Turdukan Momunovna

0551 454 947

0507 171 740

Responsible for the master degree

Alymbekova Venera Abasbekovna

0778 025 034

0557 509 290

Practice leader

Pazylov Tynystan

0709 890 063

Union chairman

Mukhtarbek kyzy Nurpeil

0559 050 006