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Faculty of International Medicine

We are pleased to greet you on the webpage of the International Medical Faculty of Osh State University (OshSU), the educational flagship in Kyrgyzstan and a classical international university, which is a member of the Shanghai Association of Universities.

The International Medical Faculty is the youngest unit of higher professional education at OshSU. An expedient and timely decision on the establishment of the faculty was taken in the Academic Council on August 29, 2015.

Faculty Targets:

1. To educate highly qualified medical specialists who are in high demand in labor markets of foreign countries and the Kyrgyz Republic, with competencies to carry out independent professional, scientific, and research activities; to prepare competitive and highly intelligent professionals with excellent abilities for self-development.

2. To internationalize national medical education.

3. To establish partnerships with educational institutes of foreign countries for creating opportunities for students to participate in exchange programs and create networks, strengthening the University's status on an international level.

4. To enter the system of international scientific, informational and communicational space and also the group of leaders of main medical educational centers of our region.

The mission of the IMF is to become a mentor who prepares qualified personnel for competitions at the national and international levels. Teach every student to read, live and be creative.


Name of specialty


Form of study

Training period


Medicine (GM)


Daytime education, distance learning

5, 6 years


Public health

Master's degree

Daytime education

2 years


Name of Department

Head of the department

Contact phone

Email address

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor  Kurbanaliev Abdykerim Yrysbaevich

0779 70 71 12

Pathology, Basic and Clinical Pharmacology

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Belov Georgy Vasilievich

0550 10 11 18

Public Health and Health Care

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Turusbekova Akshoola Kozmanbetovna

0555 10 90 70

Clinical Disciplines 1

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Mamatova Sabirakhan Myrzaevna

0773 71 44 71

Clinical Disciplines 2

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Bugubaeva Makhabat Mitalipovna

0778 08 70 22

Social and Humanitarian Disciplines

Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor Ysmailova Raikan Apzhaparovna

0779 44 54 00

Anatomy, Histology, and Normal Physiology

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Sakibaev Kyyalbek Sherikbaevich

0555 84 61 09

Surgical Disciplines with a Course in Traumatology

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Arynov Zamirbek Saparbayevich

0778 666 464































Faculty management



Contact phone

Email address

Dean of the international medical faculty  

Muratov Zhanibek Kudaibakovich

0777 00 66 66

Vice-dean for Academic Affairs

Atabaev Ibragim Nasyrovich

0773 08 87 75

Vice-dean for Academic Affairs

Djumaeva Lazokat Madaminovna

0772 33 64 33

Vice-dean for Science

Tashmatova Nazgul Mamatumarovna

0555 06 62 87

Chairman of the Educational Council

Bugubaeva Mahabat Mitalipovna

0770 84 61 09

Vice-dean for contract and educational work

Mitalipova Aynura Nurmamatovna

0773 47 87 47


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