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Osh City/ Masaliev Street 54

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+996 779 214 076                               



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According to issue No. 3 "Improving and optimizing the operation of Osh State University structures," the Council of Scientists of Osh State University voted to establish a new college as a member of the university's "College of International Educational Programs" on June 12, 2020. College instruction is provided in the Kyrgyz and Russian languages based on a license and curriculum that have been approved by the Kyrgyz Republic's Ministry of Education and Science (minutes of February 28, 2020, No. 7). The length of the program at the college is two years and ten months for applicants in grades nine and eleven. Students can gain knowledge of Basic English teaching techniques, phonetics, grammar, and vocabulary; they practice speaking and reading critically in English; and they get the chance to learn the following languages (Chinese, English, German, Korean, and Turkish).
The goal of the college is to educate competitive experts and successful persons. The college aspires to rank among the top educational institutions in Kyrgyzstan's south in the field of training highly skilled professionals. 



Name of specialty degree

Form of Study

 Study period


Translation studies (English, Arabic, Korean, Turkish languages) Secondary vocational daytime education

9 base

2 year 10 month



11 base

2 year


Foreign language

Secondary vocational daytime education

9 base

2year 10 month



11 base

2 year



Name of the department

Head of the department

Phone number


Translation studies


Senior teacher Ismayilov Sadyk





Foreign language

Senior teacher Rahimbaeva Gulgena Abdullayevna














Faculty management


Full name

Phone number 


Director Zulpukarova Aida Kaparovna

0773 66-44-67

Deputy dean for academic affairs Kasymova Zhypargul Akbaralievna

0772 63-01-82


Deputy dean for educational affairs and contractual payments Almazbekova Eliza Almazbekovna

0553 50-15-05