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Faculty of international relation

Faculty mission

To train highly qualified specialists in the fields of regional and international relations, being able to work in the current conditions of international politics and rapidly changing economy. The specialists  would be competitive in the world labour market.

The objective of the department

To contribute to the strengthening of our society and foreign policy of our country by providing qualitative education to students,  who can confront the labor market in international politics considering  modern conditions.

The history of the faculty

The Faculty of International Relations is the youngest faculty of the Osh State University. In 2000, on the basis of the  rector’s decision of the university (No. 139-A of 25.07.00) in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council (protocol No. 12 of 19.06.00), the Faculty of International Education Integration was opened.

Reasons for opening the faculty, which then had a new qualitative direction and purpose:

 -the need to train its own qualified personnel in the field of international relations in connection with the acquisition of independence by the Kyrgyz Republic and its entry into the world community;

- the need for the earliest possible entry of the Osh State University into the world educational space system  in order to improve the quality of higher education and the training of international level specialists.

Another reason is the idea of joint training of Osh State University specialists together with European and Asian universities. The initial step towards its opening was the establishment of cooperation with leading universities in Russia and other countries.

Accordingly, the first partner universities were the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, the Russian International Academy of Tourism, the International Academy of Marketing and Management, St. Petersburg State University (Russia), Cleveland University (USA), etc. Initially, the faculty included the Department of International Standards and Regional Studies , which was recognized to train personnel in 4 specialties: international relations, world economy, customs and regional studies.

In 2002, this department was divided into two: "International Relations and World Economy" and "Regional Studies and Languages", which in 2006 merged back under the name "International Relations and Regional Studies".

In 2008, the Department of Regional Studies was separated from it. In 2010, the faculty was disbanded, its structure-forming departments "international relations" and "regional studies" were attached to the faculty of world languages.

At the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year, by the decision of the Academic Council of the University (protocol No. 1 of 08.26.11) and the othe rector’s order  (No. 296 of 08.26.11), the faculty under  the name  of "international relations" was reopened.

The first dean of the faculty was the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Sheriev A.Zh. (2000-2005), further candidate of historical sciences, professor Kadyrov T.D. (2006-2008); Ph.D., associate professor Sulaimanov Zh.M. (2008-2010); Ph.D. professor Anarbaev A.A. (2010-2011); Doctor of Geological Sciences, Professor A.G. Nizamiev (2011-2016); Ph.D., associate professor Kamalov E.T. (2016-2018); acting dean, Ph.D., Associate Professor Erkebaev E.M. (2018-2019).

Currently, the dean of the faculty is candidate of political sciences, associate professor Ibraimova S.S.


Department name


Form of education

Period of study


International relations



4 years

Master’s degree

Full-time, distance learning

2 years


Regional studies



4 years

Master’s degree

Full-time, distance learning

2 years


Political science

Master’s degree

Full-time, distance learning

2 years



Head of department



International relations

PhD, prof. K.H. Nurdinova


Regional studies

PhD, associate  prof. K.Dzh.Sultanova


Philosophy and political science

Doctor of philosophy,   associate  prof. K.A.Kurbanbaev


Professional foreign languages

Senior lecturer, J.Ch. Azimova




Faculty management


Name Surname





Saikal Ibraimova Seitakunovna


Vice Dean for  academic affairs

Alina Tashybaeva Kurmanbaevna


Vice Dean for science

Aigul  Musaeva Kanybekovna


Vice Dean for student education

Chyngyz Berdibek u.


Сhairperson of the methodological council

Gulzat Amatova


Academic secretary

Gulzina Daniyarova Mamataliyevna


Head of practice


Raya Babakulova


The head of the labour  union

Amantur Kultayev Karmyshakovic




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