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Faculty of Kyrgyz Philology and Journalism

Адрес st. Masaliev 91а, 714000 sity Osh
Телефон 0(32 22)8-76-93
Веб-сайт http://filolog.oshsu.kg.

The history of the Faculty of Kyrgyz Philology and Journalism begins with the establishment of the full-time department of Kyrgyz language and literature in 1951 at the Osh Pedagogical Institute. By order No. 224/4 dated July 2, 1992, the Faculty of Kyrgyz Philology was founded, comprising both full-time and correspondence departments. In 2010, the Department of Journalism was incorporated into the Faculty of Kyrgyz Philology and Journalism by the decision of the Academic Council of Osh State University on August 31, 2010.

In 2014, a master's program was introduced as part of the two-level education system. The faculty, a constituent unit of the university, operates in accordance with the Charter of Osh State University, possessing its own educational facilities, seal, and other administrative details. It aligns its activities with the mission of Osh State University.

The strategic objectives of the faculty include:

  • Developing an effective integrated education system in the fields of philology, philological education, and journalism to produce high-quality, professionally capable specialists.
  • Advancing fundamental and applied scientific research.
  • Enhancing international relations with foreign partners.
  • Creating an environment conducive to the professional and creative growth of individuals within the educational process.

The faculty boasts a distinguished teaching staff, including members of dissertation councils, international and national trainers for educational programs, and experts from accreditation agencies. Notably, it stands as the sole educational institution in the southern region of Kyrgyzstan offering journalism programs.

The faculty offers the following educational programs:

  • Bachelor of Philological Education (program code: 550300)
  • Master of Philological Education (program code: 550300)
  • Master of Philology (program code: 531000)
  • Bachelor of Journalism (program code: 530600)

The Dean of the Faculty of Kyrgyz Philology and Journalism is Nurmamat Orozovich Turganbaev,

holding the academic degree of Candidate of Philological Sciences.

You can contact via email at nturganbaev@oshsu.kg or by phone at 0772270087 or 0552270087.


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