The Faculty of Theology

The Faculty of Theology

Адрес Ош шаары, Н.Исанов көчөсү 77
Телефон 0 3222 4 - 3 5- 61

The faculty of Theology of Osh State University was founded in 1993 on the basis of a Contract (22.09.1993.) between the Turkish Foundation «Dianet» and OshSU. Faculty of Theology of Osh State University is one of the first faculties, which were opened in Central Asia.

From the 2012-2013 academic year, the faculty had trains of specialists in the field of "theology."  On the basis of the contract of cooperation with Ankara University, the faculty teaches all subjects which show in the state standard of education of the Kyrgyz Republic and religious subjects considering features and specifics of the history of religion. The staff of faculty members includes scholars from the Universities of Turkey invited by the cooperation Contract and skilled lecturers of OshSU. 15 lecturers are working at the department of Religious Studies and Humanitarians, They include  -1 professor,  6 associate professors, 2 senior lecturers, and 6 lecturers, including 8- doctors of science and 1 candidate of science.

The mission of the Faculty

In order to spread all the values of religion among the people, to train highly qualified staff and specialists using new teaching technologies, and improve the quality of education, which will respond to the modern requirements and contribute to the enriching of the spiritual world of humanity.

The purpose of the faculty

To develop human qualities in the student, the formation of general cultural and professional competencies in accordance with the state standard of education of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Responsibilities of the Faculty

Prepare specialists who are ready to continue studying the acquired scientific knowledge in the field of theology, as well as who can offer scientific solutions in religious matters. Prepare a specialist who is ready for expert activity, as well as who will meet the requirements of the relevant parties in all matters related to religion.




Theology (Bachelor's degree)





Full-time education


4 years







Theology (College)







Full-time education


11 base – 1 year 10 month

9 base - 2 years 10 months.






Theology (Master's degree)



Full-time education

2 years



Theology Faculty Dean:  Ajimamatov Zailabidin

Academic Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in "Religious Studies"


Contact Numbers: +996 778 589 828, +996 773 430 841