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Herald of OshSU

Humanities Herald of OshSU 2021(№1)

Natural sciences Herald of OshSU 2021


Pedagogy and Psychology  Herald of OshSU 2021


Pedagogy and Psychology Anniversary S.M. Momunaliev 2021


Mathematics, Technology, Physics


Economics, Informatics


Pedagogy, Philology  K. Abdiev anniversary 

Medicine Herald of OshSU 2021   


To the 30th Anniversary of the Independence of the Kyrgyz Republic


Mathematics, Technology, Physics 2021


Philologists Pedagogy 70th Anniversary

Social and humanitarian sciences Zh. Abdyrakhmanov 2021


Bulletin of Osh State University №1. 2022, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering


Herald of OshSU 2022,№2


K. Zulpukarov Collection of the conference


Natural sciences Tom2 2021


"Actual Issues of Historical Science: Epochs, Personalities, Researches"


Collection of the scientific journal "Bulletin of OshMU" №3, 2022

The scientific journal  "Herald of OshSU"  has been published since 2000 (Reg. Of the Book Chamber ISSN 1694-7452 dated 28.08.2000).

          The purpose of the journal is to publish scientific articles of the teaching staff of the university.

         On August 25, 2014, the publication was re-registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic under No. 003782, series GR and became officially called the journal "Bulletin of Osh State University" and was published in three languages - Kyrgyz, Russian and English.


Sections of the journal:



             Series 1



Information Technology,



ISSN 1694-7452

Series 2

Natural sciences:

Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Agriculture

ISSN 1694-7452

Series 3

Social Sciences and Humanities:

History, Law, Theology, Philosophy, International Relations, Political Science, Regional Studies

ISSN 1694-7452

Series 4




ISSN 1694-7452

Series 5


ISSN 1694-7452




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