Main Announcements

Selection for the "Atuulduk Scholarship"

The selection of students for the largest scholarship in the country - "Atuulduk scholarship" has begun at Osh State University.

The competition consists of two stages. The stage at the faculty level, 2 at the university level.

The winners:

•        Academic achievements

•        Scientific achievements

•        Creative potential

•        Social responsibility, leadership potential, organizational skills, participation in student government.

Each winner of the competition will receive 8 thousand som every month during the academic year. In total, there are 10 winner and a scholarship fund of 800,000. The fırst stage of the competition will be held from 15 to 30 October. The second is from 1 to 6 November.  On November 10, 2021, Citizenship Scholarships will be awarded to the winners.