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Financial juridical college

Financial-juridical College
Director, Ph.D., Associate Professor T.A. Akmatova

Dear contemporary!

 Finance and Law College is a team of experienced professionals who are working for many years in the field of education: PhDs, highly qualified senior teachers, teachers and leading practitioners of organizations and enterprises of Osh. The choice of profession - one of the major life choices made by a young person aged. Not easy to choose a profession. The world is huge and diverse professions. Find your place in it, to have confidence in yourself to become a professional - a lengthy process that requires a person of enormous efforts. The correct choice of profession allows to realize their potential. What career choices can be considered correct? Firstly, future work should be a joy, not a burden. Secondly, you should have a set of professionally important qualities for this work: the intellectual, physical, psychological. Third, the profession must demand in the labor market. The choice of profession, as well as any business begins with goal setting. Goals should be provided internal resources: personal characteristics, inclinations, abilities, professional qualities. If your goal - career choices of economic or legal and technical profile, come to us to learn in college. The doors of our college are always open for you. Our college is one team. Join our team of professionals to help you decide the worlds professionals to make the right choices, you prepare competetive spesialists in the labor market.