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Best Wishes for Coming School Leavers

Dear friends!

You have just finished your school and got your certificates, your inner world is full of prior knowledge, you can imagine yourself in the heavens, you are picturing romantic future for yourself, you are looking highly optimistically for tomorrow with waving hands.
Dear guys! You desire to become productive and effective specialists and you really want to contribute to the future development of our Kyrgyzstan, you are sensitive and full of wisdom and warm eagerness, you are fair and honest young people!
Everyone feels and knows the responsibility and necessity of getting high education to become an effective specialist for our Motherland. You just stand before a nice choice, because you should think of the authority of each high institution, the level of presenting knowledge, scientific potential, the qualitative degree, traditional experience of training highly educated specialists, you will take into account also conditions to spend your student’s life more meaningful and efficient, you are at a point of thoroughly thinking. It is right time you should take into account and choose an institution with such criteria, your choice will be connected with the ability of education to use it the whole life, which will be capable, that one which attempts to reach international educational space, prepares qualitative specialists and that institution, which turns into really educational cradle.
If you want to become a nice educator, who will open the ways for the whole nation, if you consider to become a doctor, who will care of peoples’ lives, if you want to be a lawyer to protect peoples’ rights, if you want to be a theology specialist, who will appreciate honesty, if you want to become an economist, financial expert or businessman, who will improve our economics, if you want to learn computer language, if you want to be a sportsman, who will highly carry our flag, if you consider to be an Art person, who will acquaint Kyrgyz Art to the world, if you want to learn English, French, German, Arab, Chinese, Japanese, Korean languages or an ambassador, if you want to know the deep secrets of the nature, if you want to be highly developed electricity expert, or you want to become a good person and a good specialist, so you should choose Osh State University – the centre of Education.
Because there are many talented scientific educators in OSU, who are well known not only in Kyrgyzstan, but as well as, their names are popular abroad, will provide qualitative teaching. You will be able to get conditions necessary for receiving appropriate modern education. Graduates from OSU are respected and known as the best experts. The whole community of Kyrgyzstan knows that OSU is one of the leaders in the educational system and our graduates prove this priority.
The gates of OSU are open for every boy or girl, who inspires to get real education, who is talented and capable, who is eager to be an expert, who is willing to become a nice human being.
Let every school-leaver have a happy chance to become a student, whose purpose and great desire is to get efficient education!
I would like to tell you that it is a great honor for any boy or girl to be a student of Osh State University.
In fact, Osh State University is a light, wide, fair and prosperous university.

Rector of OSU, professor Kanybek Isakov
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