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Faculty of pedagogics and physical trainin
Dear fellows!

It is known that at the present time in our country there has been being great changes, especially in the educational system. Kyrgyzstan has moved to two tier educational system of higher education. For that reason I consider that the requirements of the present time is not the quantitative but qualification preparation of future specialists. The aim of the faculty of pedagogy and physical training is preparing highly qualified primary school teachers with media specialist and higher education, also the teacher of physical training and preschool teachers.
The faculty of pedagogy and physical training was founded in 1959, at Osh State Pedagogical Institute, and since at that moment he released more than 20 thousand specialists of higher education to all regions of Kyrgyzstan. Nowadays, the faculty possesses extensive international communication.
Confidently, I can say, that conditions which made in the faculty quantitative and qualification deponent of professorial-teachers staff who gives to students profound knowledge and decent education meet requirements of modern demands.
For graduates of school who loves children, who wants to achieve athletic success in future, our doors are always open.
Sincerely Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Physical training , Excellence in Education of the Kyrgyz Republic , PhD , associate professor Muratbaev B.B.