University Clinic: Intensive English Language Course

On February 17, 2020, an intensive English language course was launched for teachers in the field of Science in Osh State University. This course is implemented within the framework of the program «Erasmus+». Everyone was invited to the course before this program. Each of them passed the English proficiency test, which resulted in the formation of two language groups: Pre-Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate. The training is conducted by the coach with a great experience of work, who awarded with the certificate of the international level CELTA 2018. The purpose of this course is to develop the ability of researchers to perform professional scientific activities using a foreign language
The course involves the acquisition by postgraduate students of competences that make it possible to:
1. To read freely original literature in a foreign language in the relevant branch of knowledge;
2. To formalize information which extracted from foreign sources in the form of a translation or summary;

3. To write a scientific article in a foreign language in refereed journals;

4. To make presentations, reports, presentations in a foreign language related to academic work and to conduct a professional conversation;

5. To take a part in international conferences, projects and grants.

The course is free of charge and lasts 4 months. All participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded certificates.

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