A seminar was organized for teachers of Chon-Alai district school

On 3-6 January of 2018 the institute of teachers qualification Institute conducted a course “Teaching process organization according to new standard requirements, competence treatment to lessons” in Chak village of Chon-Alai district. This seminar was conducted in interactive form where all participants were given individual tasks. This course is going to be continued at the beginning of April. Trainers always support teachers of school at their open lessons.

Head of educational department of Chon-Alay district Pazyl Baktybaev underlined the importance of conducting moving trainings at other schools. “The quality of education at schools raise if all school staff will learn and move forward”- commented the director of teachers qualification institute Jyldyz Artykova.

It is known that in November, December mathematic and Kyrgyz language teachers of Chon –Alay district participated at “The problems of pupils preparations for GRT”.

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