Material and technical base
Азыркы учурда кафедрада материалдык техникалык базасы, лабораториялар бар.

Pharmacy Technology Laboratory.
The laboratory of pharmacy technology is provided with modern means.(pharmacy koltaraze, tarir scales, measure dishes bureautic systems, pill’s machine, china dish, filter paper shtanglaster). en this laboratory the students making all kinds of medicines by recipes, they moy practice theoretical knowledges.

Pharmacy chemistry laboratory.
En such of laboratory students with the helping of the teacher will learn how to use jet, the methods of analizing medicines. They will learn how to work with jets, and the rules of obsening technical safety, this laboratory is provided with modern chemical table (measure retort, pipettes, cylinders, scales, testtudes, china dishes, electric, stoves, chemical glass dishes, weigh stones, pharmacy scales).

In this laboratory student can see the raw materials, herbariums of the names of medicines. The raw materials of the medicines are keeps in special modern boards. The laboratory is provides with microscope, pincers, the pertine’s cups, jets.

Pharmacology laboratory


Фармациялык технология лабораториясы

Фармациялык технология лабораториясы

Фармациялык технология лабороториясы