History of Master Course
sh State University worth classic research university directing for taking and giving leading knowledge and information in preparing intellectual elite of society according to the integration of teaching knowledge, fundamental scientific research and innovation ways of teaching in implementing historical mission of maintenance and enriching spiritual values of human being.
OshSU has three stages of education (bachelor, MA, PhD ), which is the on the list of three universities, nowadays ,consists one of the best universities in Central Asia.
Since 1998 OshSU began to prepare masters in theology direction on the base of agreement with Ankara University.
By the result of preparing masters to Master programs in abroad, in 2008 has opened master program on Economy and Management at the faculty Business and management in Osh State University.
This was the first chance in in the south of Kyrgyzstan, which informed OshSU began to work on the base of two system bachelor-master.
Now University has 50 directions in Master courses and the list of programs are growing by the year.