Osh State University certificates were awarded to students from Uzbekistan

About 100 students of Fergana State University from December 1 to December 31 of last year completed online training on academic mobility. On January 23, an online certificate awarding ceremony was held, which was attended by the rector of Osh State University K. Kozhobekov, director of the department for international relations A. Abduvaliev, head of the academic mobility department S. Amiraliev. On the Uzbek side was attended by Vice-Rector for Scientific Work of FerSU A.A. Urinov, head of the department for international relations Zh. Nishanov, teachers and students trained at Osh State University. The parties noted the development of interuniversity relations. Despite the pandemic, academic mobility of students was further developed.

Uzbek students completed online training at the faculties of world languages and cultures, Russian philology, natural science and geography of the MIT, the physical and technical faculty and the faculty of pedagogy, psychology and physical education.

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