5-day COVID preparation course for senior students

4-5-6-year medical students completed a 5-day training in the fight against COVID-19. They learned how to provide assistance, how to protect themselves with personal protective equipment. The training took place in the simulation center online and offline.

Master classes were conducted by Associate Professor of the Department of Epidemiology, Microbiology Baktygul Abdyraeva, Associate Professor of the Department of Pediatrics 1 Uulzhan Shermatova, Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacology Anara Zhaanbaeva, Senior Lecturer of Surgery and Resuscitation Zhanybek Kutuev, Head of the Department of Traumatology Associate Professor Taalay Semeyitbekov, Lecturer.

In general, 120 students were trained offline, 500 students were trained online. Previously, more than 350 medical workers made up the reserve and provided assistance in the fight against the pandemic. Of these, 9 resident doctors worked in the Chon-Alai region, 10 in Karakulzha, 5 in Osh, 45 specialists worked at the Gazprom sports complex.

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