Ural universities gave a lot of texbooks

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Ural State Medical University, Ural State Law University donated 1314 textbooks and teaching aids to the scientific library of Osh State University. The collection of medical and legal literature comprises 130 titles and all books in Russian. (1. Кернесюк Н.Л. Оперативная хирургия и топографическая анатомия / Учебник для студентов. мед. вузов. 2. Биохимические исследования обмена веществ. Тестовые задания: учебное пособие / В.А. Лукаш,Л.А. Каминская. 3. Латинская терминология медико-профилактического дела: учебное пособие / под ред. Н. Г.Е. Гуляй. 4. Поощрение и защита прав уязвимых групп в международном праве / учебно-методическое пособие и др.).

Rector Kudaiberdi Gaparalievich thanked his colleagues and noted that this assistance of partners in the form of training manuals is aimed at developing cooperation in the cross year of Kyrgyzstan and Russia, and the received scientific literature, in turn, will be actively used teachers, students in the educational process and will make a great contribution to development and enrichment of the university book fund.

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