The best teachers were awarded a trip to Dubai

According to the results of the competition among the teaching staff of Osh State University, dedicated to the professional holiday of teachers, the winners were awarded. So, the first place was taken by Samarbek Mamaev, a teacher of the department of technical specialists of the IPK, who was awarded a diploma, 40 thousand som and a trip to Dubai.

Also, senior lecturer of the Department of Grammar and Phonetics of the English Language of the Faculty of World Languages and Cultures Gulbarchyn Ergeshova, who took first place in the competition "The Best Teacher of Osh State University", was awarded a certificate for 40 thousand som (forty thousand som) and a trip to Dubai.

And many other teachers of Osh State University received cash prizes and certificates.

The awards were presented by the rector of Osh State University Kudaiberdi Kozhobekov.

1329 18:53 05-10-2020



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