For students Student Ombudsman

Student Ombudsman

The Regulations on the Student Ombudsman of Osh State University were approved by the Academic Council of Osh State University No. 1 dated August 27, 2008.
The structure was created on December 10, 2007.
The Office of the Student Ombudsman is considered to be a structural department of the Education Department.

Purpose of the structure:

-ensuring constitutional, academic rights and freedoms of students;
- legal education of students;
- education of students in the spirit of observance and execution of laws;
- legal monitoring of the university;
-support and assistance to the development of the educational process at the university;
- prevention and fight against corruption during sessions, etc.
The Ombudsman's Office carries out its activities on the basis of the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, the law of the Kyrgyz Republic on education, regulations, the regulations on the student ombudsman of Osh State University, the international declaration on human rights and the protection of freedoms, the concept of youth policy of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Charter of Osh State University.

The regulation of the Osh State University on the student ombudsman determines the procedure for choosing the ombudsman, the work of the apparatus and the council of the ombudsman, the legal status and powers of the ombudsman, tasks, and rights, the procedure for considering applications and complaints, the cooperation of the apparatus with officials of Osh State University is noted.

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