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The Osh State University Postgraduate Department, along with the coordination, control, and execution of research activities, is successfully organizing the activities of postgraduate studies.

In 2022, Osh State University was one of the first universities in the country to get licenses for 101 specialties in 15 areas of postgraduate study.

Currently, about 300 graduate students are studying and conducting research in the postgraduate course. 115 scientists carry out scientific management, of which 110 are doctors of science, professors, and 5 are candidates of science and associate professors. 45 doctors of sciences, professors, and 2 candidates of sciences, associate professors of Osh State University are the supervisors of postgraduate students. From other universities and scientific institutions, 65 doctors of sciences, professors, and 3 candidates of sciences, associate professors are engaged in scientific supervision. Among scientific leaders, there are many well-known scientists, academicians, and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The department's ongoing activities include the organization of worldwide, republican, and regional scientific conferences, training seminars, and round tables organized in subject cycles. Among them, the thematic cycles of training seminars “Fundamentals of Scientific Research”, “Methodology of Research Work”, “Criteria for Evaluating the Organization of Scientific Activities”, “Publishing Works in the Web of Science, Scopus Systems” and three-day summer training seminars in the “Ak-Buura” Center.

The department is constantly organizing, conducting, and coordinating research among students. In order to attract a lot of graduate students to conduct research, since 2014 regional scientific and practical conferences “Student and scientific and technological progress” has been traditionally held, the materials of which are published in special issues of the scientific journal “Osh State University Bulletin”.

It should also be noted that the weeks of science are held annually at all faculties and colleges of the university. They represent a kind of report on the work done and achievements, the definition of immediate tasks in the field of research work of each structure. Within the framework of the week of science, scientific conferences, forums, seminars, round tables, intellectual quizzes, competitions, reviews of creative works of lecturers and students, and much more are held in order to intensify scientific work and involve students in this work.

The Osh State University postgraduate department head G.M. Anarbaeva every year takes part in the work of the international school of postgraduate students for scientific degrees organized by the Ministry of Education and Science, NAC under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and makes presentations on the training scientific issues and scientific-pedagogical personnel on the example of the Osh State University best practices.

The range of areas of training implemented in the postgraduate studies of the university demonstrates that a large proportion of graduate students study and defend in the filed of physics and mathematics, medicine, philology, pedagogy, law, and history.

The Postgraduate Department builds its activities in the aspect of implementing the tasks in the research field noted in the "Development Concept of Osh State University for 2019-2024", "Strategic Development Program" Model of Sustainable Development of Osh State University for 2023-2026 "" makes specific efforts to improving the quality of scientific work and integration into the international scientific space.





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