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Medical college in Osh

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Director of the college, candidate of Biological science, Assistant Professor
Attokurov Kursantbek Sharabidinovich

Address: 714003, 77 N.Isanova str., Osh, Kyrgyzstan 714003
Phone: (996 3222) 4-35-07
E-mail: ecooj@mail.ru

Dear friends!

Medicine is an ancient science. Modern medical science - it is a systematic set of biomedical, clinical and socio-sanitary distsiplin. The medical college of the Osh State University is a modern educational complex. It has an excellent teaching methods, material and technical basis, using the individual approach, advanced innovative technology of training and control of knowledge capable of providing high-quality and level of education.
Medical College of Osh State University trains highly qualified and competitive specialists of new generation in the field of health care for specialties 060101 - "Medicine", 060109 - "Nursing", 060102 - "Midwifery" 060105 - "Stomatology", 060106 - "Prosthetic dentistry" , and 060108 - "Pharmacy".
Training of specialists is conducted in accordance with state educational standards. Good material and technical base, highly professional teaching staff, cooperation with practical health, intensive clinical practice allows to train professionals doctors that are able to provide expert assistance. College library provides textbooks for the curriculum for all students. Candidates of medical, biological, philological and psychological sciences deliver lectures at the college.
Today, the Medical College has extensive experience in the professional training of qualified mid-level staff , their training and improvement. It makes a significant contribution to the diagnostic and treatment work of health facilities in the south of Kyrghyzstan.
College graduates are guaranteed employment allowing to work in the health system of the Kyrgyz Republic.
The college has a dining area providing students with hot meals. To leisure of students at the college are working circles and sections. Computer classes with dedicated internet, educational laboratories. Seminars, Olympiads competitions, concerts and parties are often held . Each working group experienced teacher - supervisor.
The college is located in an ecologically clean area of the city of Osh that allows active outdoor sports. There is also a modern gym equipped with exercise machines.
Welcome to our college!


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: +996 3222 2-22-73, +996 3222 2-40-66, oshsu.oms@gmail.com
: +996 3222 2-45-25, oshsu.oms@gmail.com