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Medical college in Osh

2017-жылдын 6-ноябрында медициналык колледждинилимий иш планына ылайык, коомдук дисциплиналар кафедрасынын улук окутуучусу М. Сейдалиеванын уютуруусунда "Кесиптик ишмердуулуктун этико-психологиялык,укуктук аспектилери" аттуу семинар өткөрүлдү.

Медицинский колледж при ОшГУ под руководсвом к.б.н,децента К.Аттокурова и профессоский - преподавательского состава встретили студентов 1-курса.Из ректората поздравил про ректор к.м.н децент Т.Эркебаев

                  Dear friends!             

     At all times, medicine was one of the most important branches of knowledge, as in the hands of health care workers is truly priceless treasures - life and health.                   

        Osh College of Medicine Osh State University prepares highly qualified and competitive new generation of health care professionals on specialties 060101 - "Medicine", 060109 - "Nursing", 060102 - "midwifery", 060106 - "Prosthetic dentistry", 060108 - "Pharmacy ".                   

         To carry out training activities and leisure of students in college, there are computer classes, educational laboratories, gyms, dining room.                   

     Enterance waiting qualified teaching staff, ready to lead you through the mercy of professionalism and rich student life.                   

         The college is constantly working on the formation of an effective system of training and retraining to ensure high professional and personal development of health workers have been trained in a rapidly changing labor market needs.                   

We will be glad to see you at our college!

Address: Str: Isanova, 77 Tel: +996 3222 4-35-07

2016-жылы Ош мамлекеттик университетинде аткарылган иштер