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Faculty of Theology of Osh State University was founded in 1993 on the basis of the Contract(22.09.1993.) between the Turkish Foundation DianetandOshSU . Faculty of Theologyof Osh State University is one of the first Facultieswhich were opened in Central Asia.
On the basis of the contract of cooperation with Ankara University at the faculty teaches all subjects which shows in state standard Kyrgyz Republic and religious subjects considering features andspecifics of history of religion.The staff of faculty members includesscholarsfrom the Universities of Turkey invited by the cooperation Contract, and also skilled teachers of OshSU. On chair of religious studies and humanitarian sciences are working 13 teachers, They include -3 associate professor, 5 senior teachers and 5 teachers, including 9-doctor of science, 2 candidate of science .
Students are studying in Ankara University and Osh State University. Education ofstudents is contract basis, dormitory and mealsof students sponsored by the Turkish Foundation "Dianet.
" Led by the Youth Committee, the students of the Faculty are actively involved in social and cultural events. As well as actively participate in KVN, debates, competitions, intellectual rings (brain-ring) and student conferences, which are held between faculties and universities.
For students are given a dormitory for 100 people with all the terms. The dormitory has a dining room, a recreation room, a TV room and a library room. Also,for students are given threetimes meals a day. There are sports fields, and close to the dormitory there is a mosque for 350 people, built by the standards of Turkish architecture. Audience, lecture halls, libraries, reading rooms and offices of the faculty are equipped with furniture. There is 1 audience and 1 computer lab equipped with computers and video equipment latest model. In the educational process used 32 personal computers, 2 video projectors, 2 Xerox, printer 3 and 2 audio recorder. In the implementation of new educational technologies used CD drives of 10 thousand volume book in a professional way. Nowadays,in the faculty of Theology have 29 computers. All of them are connected to high-speed Internet. In the computer lab for students have the opportunity to access the Internet while connected to 16 computers. In computer lab students are working on a tutorial essays, term papers and diploma papers. Faculty annually adopts 60 entrants.Faculty today has more than 400 graduates.


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