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Announcement !!!

Elections of elective courses at the IMF. At the International medical faculty for the 2017-2018 academic year will be elections of elective courses. All interested teachers must submit a syllabus with elative programm until March 25, the representative of the E.M.C madam Turusbekova A. K . Elections will be held from 27 to 31 of March, do prepare the presentations. Elections will be held in computer format in a system of AVN. The selected subject is automatically included in the curriculum. Elections will be held without the participation of teachers and members of the Commission.

For 1-2 courses, EC- P.P.D:

2 semester - 2credits

3 semester - 2credits

For 3-6 courses, EC- P.P.D:

6 semester - 3 credits

7 semester -3credits

9 semester - 2 credits

10 semester - 2 credits

11 semester - 2 credits

12 semester - 3 credits